The Charter of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedayee Guerrillas on the Treshhold of the Twent First Century

 1_ The Organization of Iranian People's Fedayee Guerrillas is a communist organization dedicated to the principle " from anyone according to her or his talent and to anyone according to her or his needs". It opposes imperialism and capitalist monopolies. It considers socialism as the only alternative to the capitalist society, and the path to save humanity from war and want. In its opinion, the full realization of socialism , is a global matter and the synonym to the process of weakening state. The organization considers itself a part of the global socialist and workers movement and relentlessly fights neo-liberalism and its aggressions against the standard of living and the livelihood of the people, which is leading society to decadence and destruction.

2_ A socialist order is a democratic, pluralist, and secularist, seperating religon and ideology from functioning of the state. Socialism is based on the people's. direct participation in their own affairs and the recognition of their right of self-determination. The organization any undemocratic socialism, any composition of the communist party and state, any suppressive, determinist and arbitrary socialism, opposes any interference in the private lives of the individual members of the society, and the socialist based cult of personality.

3_ This organization considers the views of distinguished leaders and theorists of the global communist movement, including Marx, Engels, Lenin,..., not as "frozen dogmas" but as "practical guidelines". To this end, we reject any form of easy thinking, imitation, dogmatism, absolutism and petrification as the greatest deterrents to the development of progressive and revolutionary ideas. Our thoughts and theories are focused on humankind and in harmony with scientific gains. The organization is aware that in thought and theory, inevitably, there exists limitations, challenge, weakessn , and tight corners, which can only to be overcome with efforts to conform with the genuine progress of the society, as well as the recoquition of the scientific and technological gains of humanity. The organization rejects the idea that every question has a ready and prepared answer. Therefore, both in thought and theory, the organization advocates tolerance, forbearance , criticism, research, and objective inquiry of social practice as the criterions of theory.

4_ The organization advocates modernism and accept that it is necessary to coordinate political advancement with the scientific and technological revolution of the end of the twentieth century. We strive against any form of copying and limitation of institutions, values and traditional methods that distance us from scientific and technological developments that may be used to advance the interests and welfare of the people.

5_ The organization endeavours to institutionalize a political, social , economic, and cultural process of development. The dynamic of long-term, internally generated, democratic, and consistent development moving to an equilibrium is the directions principle of the organization. In planning for development the organization , in principle , treats and advocates as a priority, political development which will lead to the creation of a decentralized, democratic order based on political pluralism, and the disposition of democratic and key institutions for a deep rooted civil society.

6_ The organization has been a constant defender of social justice. It has defended the workers rights of organization, strike and industrial action, supervision and control; it has borne in mind the defence of workers and wage-earners in determining their own class directives in Iran; it lays stress on the public ownership of education, hygiene and public health, social security system, water, electricity, oil, heavy and strategic industries and important mineral reserves.

7_ The organization persistently demands the end to discrimination of any kind, such as gender, nationality, religion, and race. In the opinion of the organization, the principal unit of the society is neither the family, nor any other institution but individuals enjoying equal rights irrespective of colour, race, religion, nationality and gender. The organization has placed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its Covenants and other relevant international conventions on the top of its agenda, as a strategic principle. It has pursuantly strived against the ruling regimes of religious and gender oriented apartheid in Iran and has defended the feminist movement of Iran .

8_ On internal and international levels, the organization is a consistent defender of environmental preservation and improvement.It, therefore, rejects any unilateral project or the destruction of the environment under the demagogic guise of economic improvements.

9_ Internationally, the organization advocates peaceful coexistence, and the elimination of crisis, as well as the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, bacterial, etc). The organization decisively supports all progressive movements, - the workers' movement to improve their living conditions; the feminist movement; movements to preserve and improve the environment; the international movement for the advancement of human rights; cultural - artistic movement to modernize the society; the international movement for population control; the movement to protect the children; the movement for youth participation in the affairs of the society; the movement for sexual rights; and the international movement against fundamentalism and racism.

10_ On the threshold of the 21st. century, to achieve these ends as in the context of this charter, the first step calls for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and the regime of the Guardianship of the jurisconsult (Velayat-i- Faqhih) . The organization finds that the overthrow of the regime of the Guardianship of the jurisconsult, together with all its factions and internal bands, through a revolutionary armed struggles and in union with social movements, and the popular resistance of the people of Iran, is the only methodical remedy under the existing circumstances, the organization considers the overthrow of the regime to be its immediate duty, and supports every endeavor in this respect.

11_ The organization, given the actual conditions, considers the National Council of Resistance of Iran, to be the democratic alternative to the regime of the Guardianship of the jurisconsult, and deems participation in this coalition, as a necessary unified struggle , consistent with goals of this charter.

12_ The organization invites all Iranian communities who are struggling to realize obejectives similar to this charter to join its ranks. The organization invites the democratic and progressive personalities to support and assist it in its struggle against the regime of the Guardianship of the Jurisconsult and the realization of independence, democracy, peace, development, and the sovereignty of the Iranian people.


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